yep, soulmates

May 8, 2017 | 0 comments

I am going to talk about soulmates. I believe in soulmates. Not society’s traditional definition…because they don’t have to be romantic, they can be anyone. I believe we all have many different kinds of soulmates that we meet throughout our lifetime to help us on our journey, to connect with us in unique ways and to teach us the lessons we must learn to become our truest selves. I also believe that amidst all of these soul helpers, we have one true soulmate that is the other half of our soul, our Twin Soul. I am not going to take you all down that rabbit hole right now but I feel like I am being called to at least let you peer over the edge.

When you meet someone you have known before, time stands still. It is a feeling that is hard to understand until you have experienced it. Your eyes connect and there you go, walking right into the limitless space of the Universe, souls entwined, picking up where you left off any number of lifetimes ago. It’s as if you had been waiting for each other and, you probably were. While time seems to stand still in your minds the hours actually fly by. I knew his soul had been waiting for mine and he told me he had been asking for someone like me to come along. When you find yourself on an island that is 1 km long in the middle of the Indian Ocean and this one person happened to be visiting there for just 2 days, it was by absolutely no mistake that our paths crossed. In fact, I knew it was completely and divinely orchestrated as if I can feel that we perfectly planned this so long ago. This quote explains so much: “There’s a sacred energy guiding you. That’s why lately you’ve been distancing yourself from who and what no longer serves you and/or lowered your vibration. Instead, you’ve now begun attracting and manifesting who and what does serve you, elevate you, nourish you and inspire you to vibrate higher daily.” It is no coincidence that we tend to be in the right place at the right time and the exact right people come into our lives at those times. We asked for it and for them. Actually, we vibrated it.

In the past when I tried to fix my problems I took the same approach as modern medicine. What is the symptom and how do I treat it? In most cases, this puts a band-aid on it, a temporary fix and not a solution to the root of the problem. Instead, by looking at the problem as a part of a whole, I can begin to see where it is stemming from and treat it at the root; more similarly to holistic or Ayurvedic medicine. Meeting this particular soulmate placed me in a very interesting situation. I found myself in a similar emotional place that I had been before with so many parallels to a situation I had been through before. The person and feelings were different but so much of the rest was the same. Why? Why was this situation being repeated? I eventually started to realize exactly what was happening: I could revert back to old habits or I could recognize my behavior patterns and begin to shift them. This situation was being repeated because I had been there before but I had never been past it. My initial reaction was to abandon myself to accommodate this person. Normally I would have ignored my feelings and catered to the other person, all the while being annoyed by them and stirring through these emotions in my own head. I wouldn’t be present for myself or for them and I would miss out on so many gifts and experiences. This time, instead of putting a band-aid on it, I decided I had to get to the root. When I live in my truth and I make the hard decisions knowing that may cause me pain or sadness, I am eventually rewarded. The rewards may not be obvious at first or even the standard rewards, but I trust they will come and be exactly what I need.

“The consequences of our actions are the scarecrows of fools and the beacons of wise men.” -T.H. Huxley

This lesson brought with it the importance of staying present in every moment. Once that moment passes and I find myself wishing it was back and regretting being distracted, I know I wasn’t completely present. As a result, I realize I was not giving fully of myself or fully receiving what I was meant to. Of course, I feel sadness when moments that I loved have gone, but I can remember them fondly and with a light heart and a smile if I gave my all during them. My heart is heavy and I feel discontented only when I’ve realized I missed something because I was not present. It is better to remove myself from a situation where I am not feeling connected because I’m not present anyway and that does neither me nor the other people/person any good. It’s better to take time to reset myself and reconvene when my batteries are recharged and I can be present. Being physically in front of someone but mentally and emotionally not present is the same as not being physically in front of someone. The former is actually worse because I am hurting myself and potentially them.

This also taught me how to be powerful in my vulnerability, to still feel while staying strong and to open my heart and let it guide me while my soul keeps me steady. I found a balance between the extremes. I used to live in either one extreme or the other: vulnerable or strong. I was always flying past the middle to get to the other side, never quite knowing how, or thinking it was possible, to have a balance of both. I have realized I don’t have to be either vulnerable or strong, I can be vulnerable and strong.

In those 11 days, I had taken 1 step forward in learning how to pay attention to my self-care instead of ignoring the signs and abandoning myself for someone else like I have always done in the past. I knew this lesson would show up on this journey and I know it will show up again, realizing I have just scratched the surface. This has been a tough lesson to accept and begin to overcome. I am a bit scared to share this because this experience is one that really runs deep for me and one I have failed so many times before. However, I believe it takes one small victory to know you are capable and to encourage you to forge onward.

My time in the Maldives felt like months and I can’t believe what happened in such a short period of time. It’s a time warp when you travel as if time and space mean nothing. The things that hold meaning now are the connections, the lessons, the magic and miracles, the ideas, the growth and all of the synchronicities. Life isn’t measured by time when you travel long term, it is measured by meaning. The weirdest part is that when you leave one place you aren’t going back home so there is a sadness to leave a place that touched your heart and soul but an excitement to move on to the next place that is calling to you so strongly.

“You can’t save time. You can only spend it. But you can spend it wisely or foolishly.” -The Tao of Pooh

This journey has been so incredible already. It has occurred to me how important this is for me and everyone following me and partaking in this journey with me and all the people who have shown up so far. This trip is changing me and this world one personal experience and connection at a time. I am seeing this happen day after day and it is one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever had. I am so overwhelmed with feelings of being grateful some days that it is hard to believe this is all real!

I continue to find it so amazing how people show up in your life when you least expect it and their showing up is monumental to your journey. Every day is truly a gift…even if that gift is hidden in hardship.

Until we meet again,


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