a little bit of magic

Feb 1, 2017 | 0 comments

I have been in Sri Lanka for 3 weeks. Magic has been happening every day. Is it this place? Is it these people? Is it nature? Is it me? Perhaps a combination of all of the above. Have you ever had that feeling that every event in your life has been leading you to where you are at this exact moment, in this exact place, as this exact person that you are? I felt that as soon as I arrived here. This was the second time in my life I have truly felt this. For a moment I thought, now what? It’s a lot of pressure knowing how pivotal this time in my life is. I redirected my thoughts…I already know what to do. Be silent. Create space. Go within. The answer will be revealed in that place where the answers are always revealed. When you are ready for certain things that you have asked for, that facet of your life will manifest. It may not be in the exact way YOU envisioned but trust it is what you asked for. It is up to you to decide whether or not to embrace it, see it through and move forward.

I have already met some amazing people. There were 3 women vacationing here when I arrived who were like my 3 wise men, or like the munchkins to see me off to Oz! Each one of them were placed here specifically at the beginning of this journey to give me a gift for which I am infinitely thankful. Among the gifts received were spoken words: “This journey is going to change you. When you go back you are going to be a completely different person.” How does a total stranger know this when she doesn’t even know who I am now?! Perhaps she really isn’t a stranger??? The gifts kept on coming. Myself and a worker in the hotel were having a conversation in very broken English one morning. He looked at me and said, “Black, white, skin – doesn’t matter – all one. all same.” In that moment I wanted to cry. So much truth from a man who knows a simpler life, a life less complicated. It really is simple. We are the same. Love one another. Timeless wisdom easily grasped but practiced by few. ::Why is it that we struggle and push to practice and put our energy into the things that are hard and stressful and don’t actually bring us joy? Then we neglect practices such as loving ourselves and one another, those which are natural, true and real, and dismiss them as too easy to make a difference. Why does it have to be a struggle for it to be worth it?:: Those moments are the ones I live for. That night I looked around the dinner table and I was in awe. The Chinese volunteer group was speaking Mandarin to one another, the workers in the hotel were speaking Sinhalese, the 2 Belgium women were speaking Flemish and the 1 German woman spoke English the whole time because no one else spoke German. We all spoke some level of English to be able to communicate to one another. In those moments when there were multiple languages flying around, I thought “I feel so lucky I get to experience this. How freaking cool!” English most certainly is the universal language. There we were in Sri Lanka and everyone was speaking my language to communicate as a collective.

Reminder: when backpacking long term one must be flexible to sudden change. I spent one night at Chamara’s, the hotel owner, mother’s house because the hotel was full. It was a unique experience and I got a feel for what it was like to live as a local. However, a sneaky mosquito spent the night with me inside the mosquito net and he wasn’t very polite. I woke up with a dozen mosquito hickeys. #islandlife

Until we meet again,


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