“be thine own medicine”


the sweet awake

Perhaps you are tired of pretending and desire something more transformational. Maybe you are just curious.

There can be a lot of confusion if you are an empath/sensitive or have gifts that you don’t understand. I am here to help you realize you have these gifts of enlightenment, what they are and how to come into alignment with them through your own self-exploration. Once you are in alignment with them, you will be in your natural state or flow, and you will begin to truly thrive throughout your own spiritual awakening.

My desire is to help anyone who is ready for physical and spiritual healing to allow you to move vehemently towards your most authentic life and enlightenment.

I integrate a variety of yoga disciplines, meditations, breathwork, Reiki energy healing and Chi Nei Tsang (a Taoist abdominal massage technique) to encourage and awaken these transformations into enlightenment. I also offer yoga and healing retreats for a deep immersion into yourself.

My promise is to hold space, offer experience, strength and support as you transition into your own power.

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